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Abu 'Amrullah Muhammad ADIS El-Merbawiy**


“This article will discuss the importance of knowing precisely between knowledge and science. Regarding this matter, the discussion would like to introduce two different points of view about Universe; from Scientists and Islamic perspective, because from which philosophers and Scientists formulate or synthesized their findings and results of their observations according to the preconscious Ideas. This is a preliminary effort to discuss on how the reality of sciences (haqa’iq al-‘ulum) and the knowledge (al-ma‘rifat) can help mankind knowing, establishing and acknowledging Allah and His present and existence. By knowing these, we could learn the privilege of Islamic fundamentals and requirements for sciences and knowledge. Hence, they should entails upon Muslims especially or Non-Muslim in general into the ultimate truth and justice to the Knowledge and Science & Technology.
This is what is supposed to be in scientific and technological application
in the worldly lives.”


In general, knowledge (al-ma‘rifat) and Science (al-‘ilm) are infered simplistically synonimous meaning by public. Any way if we do examine and analyze exactly, we can find that they have far different meaning. which later can be refered to the main bussiness of subject matter in the system of knowledge inside the intellect (al-‘aql) and the psychological of human soul (al-nafs). Since human being is given the power of intellect and apprehension, he is disserved to be the most genius creature and has related to knowledge and scientific mastery. But the question are who is the knowledge provider, how does it attains into human’s intellect and heart?. Is there any basic value of the knowledge?.Why do they be responsible to the crisis present knowledge? These are among the very interesting part to be solved. This Islamic point of view, shall try to unveil the ability and nature of knowledge and Science in Islam.

The Importance of Universe

Philosophically, nature is the source of intellectuality and scientific activities. To search for the reality meaning of some thing was the basic role-played by Philosophy, which affirmed, by philosophers and thinker-scientists started from the earlier ages of the history of human kind. Hence, how the nature or cosmos has been observed or verified and found is indicated a certain point of view about cosmos later it derives the knowledge of nature that is called Cosmology. Knowing Cosmology is very crucial part of scientific enterprises, especially from epistemic view of conventional scientist or from prominent Muslim scholars or from Islamic point of view. This part is very nice to be discussed, because from which we could understand that, these are what had been demarcated upon knowledge; between Western Science and Islamic Science. From this angle also, we could see the difference between knowledge and science from the reality of human intellectual activities. Thus it might be revealed also the depriving, disturbing and scientific abuses occurred while the purposes of knowledge and sciences and technology had already been distorted everywhere and ever since. The responsibility lies to academicians, practitioners and those professionals in education.

Universe from Scientist’s View

Scientists had observed and decided the cosmos came out into existence naturally and not exist according to any kind creational theory. Thus the suitable theory established was the Big Bang in Physics or Astrophysics and the Theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin representing in natural creations and biology. These assumptions rely on the theory of cosmos came into existence by itself according to Law of Nature. Even though scientifically and logically nature could not ever exist by itself, but according to the principle of materialists and material foundation, the nature must be able to organize itself very well into establishment through the Evolution Theory and the Big Bang Theory.

We do accept that the study about universe or cosmos is very important, but some scientists reached at a level of bias or extreme to his discipline and ignore religion and his position as mankind, as such he believes that human are much more lowest condition compared to the existence of atoms, protons, photon, molecules and so forth, because these are the reality of things but human being and the concrete creations are not a reality of existence.

Universe from Islamic Point of View

Al-Quran explains that the universe and what ever connected with the unseen world (‘alam al-gahyb) and the visible world (‘alam al-syahadah). The facts that al-Quran reveals;

1. Allah almighty is truly creator in volition but not necessary, the Most willing and the Most knowing. All creatures are dependent on Him, in term of existence, perennial and eternal kind of entity. And He himself the Most eternal, His will overwhelming and His knowledge comprehensively covers His creations (ta‘aluq al-ihatah). p.57
2. The creation has no influence unto God to create necessarily, but He voluntarily does. And He created them in very systematic, established and tight locked as mechanical phenomena, but it is His who entervanes continually into a new creation in momentous actions. p.58
3. The universe is a reality (al-kawn haqiqatun). It is not illusion. They were created before mankind. Allah almighty did create with great purposes. Through the variety of creations and the repeatedly new creations into time frame (al-ahdath) manifesting that His attributes and Names as the great creator, the bounty provider, the presenter, the designer, the merciful, the justice, the life-giver and the death-restorer, the forgiver, the reckoner and the master of resurrection. p.59
4. The classified creations in various entities.Everything was created by Allah almighty in conglomerated entities (tarkeeba), physical Shaping (shakla), certain paterns (hajaman mu ‘ayyana) and inspired designations (tazwid al-hidayah).p.60
5. Allah almighty had created things in perfect manner (yattasim bi al-kamal), and they must have a stability between the equalibrium (tawazun) and various creative-changing process (al-insijam) by the willing of Allah alone.p.61
6. The responsibility of Allah almighty to be wealth provider (tazwid al-ghadha’) and guidance ( tazwid al-irsyad) to especially humankind.
7. Humankind is among the creation of God, philosophically is called Microcosm – Arb., ‘alamun saghir. Has given the proper shape, pattern and beatitide disignation in his physical postures.p.62
8. Humankind is the representative of Allah on earth (na’ibuLlah ‘ala al-‘ard) – so called vicegerent. They have been given the power over all earth treasuries (al-tharwat al-‘ardiyyah) and the great dignity (karamat al-Insan) over other creations of God. p.63

What are the Knowledge (al-ma‘rifat) and Science (al-‘ilm)

Knowledge means that “what one has known about including the facts, information, skills, and understanding that one gains especially through learning or experience.” Meanwhile science means that “(the study of) knowledge which can be made into a system and which usually depends on seeing and testing facts and stating general natural law.” Sometimes it is defined as a branch of such knowledge like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics and so on and so forth. Muhammad Mu‘in said that the science is “a guided human activities, with the strong encouragment, higher value-spirit, through the systematic bodies, using the research methodologies which has known as the Scientific Research, Emperical Studies and acceptable findings. The aim of the research is to know something like the essence of things, the natural cannons, scientific integration, causality and the reality base on the emperical studies.”

According to Islamic framework knowledge is derived from Arabic root word as ‘arafa – ya‘rifu - ma‘rifat, meaning to apprehend or to conceive accurately with the very depth into the real crux meaning of something which can be named as principle, fundamental and the essence of thing or subject matter. That is why the knowledge has no problematic condition if the fact is equitably conformity with the ultimate truth within the Divine Law of Nature – Arb., sunnatuLlah fi al-‘alam. Yet it is still exposed to distortion due to the present of contemporary knowledge, in other word it is still at the hypothetical satge but does not reach at the level of universal cannon of certain discipline of existence. For instance, the knowledge of regularity of planetary system in Astrophysics, an Identification knowledge of humankind through DNA and living causality of humankind and animals which is so called spiritual life. Again knowledge is some kind of formulation coherently exists exsoterically and esoterically into the reality of universe.

Science in Islam is derived from the term ‘alima - ya‘lamu – ‘ilman means to get information, factual and empirical subject matter or physical entities through the logical empiricism. It has been transferred from the highest reality of existence of Allah Almighty the Most Knowing (al-‘alim). This transmission into human heart, mind (intellect) and psychological faculty (human soul) through experience, inspiration and logical demonstration (burhan). What we have understood from the above definition about science is a process of actualization of science into practical nature or into existence. But before this incident took place, our intellect and psychological of human soul – nafs, had experienced and apprehended the condition of scientific hierarchy of truth and had replaced it into the natural place to be established as the reality of science.

Thus the correlation between knowledge and science is very close and integral. Because science without knowledge is pseudo-science, knowledge without science is absurd. How serious one has to pursuit knowledge starting from seeking informations and data manipulation on researches at the level of conceiving and inspired finding, finally he discovers the ultimate reality of scientific foundation or what is so called as theorem or the principles of certain scientific discipline. When the findings are inline with the ultimate truth, knowledge of something would be achieved successfully. In short our heart apprehend the knowledge and our sensual and intellectual faculty manipulate and strive to find the real meaning of something within every discipline of scientific research and discoveries.

The Islamic Fundamentals of Science

Islamic has a very concise stand regarding nature. These creations of God are considered as the reality (haqiqiy) and never be ambiguous (laysa bi wahm) about existences. And Allah had provided mankind with the hearing faculty, the sight and the intellect to observe and infer upon the most fascinating material world (al-‘alam al-maddiy). Instead of the outer nature, there must be a grand designer, Allah almighty. From Him all kind of Universal Cannons (al-Qanun al-Kawniy) were systematically established and created. He who also provided the Islamic Law (Syari‘at al-Islamiyah), which is part of the Universal Cannons. All kind of Cannons is submitted under the supreme council, who had known to the finest and the most merciful to His slaves.

All creations on earth are ready to serve for the most revivalist humankind (li salih al-basyariyyah). Muslim had already known the appropriate knowledge about the religion of Islam and the Nature (natural sciences) – (ma‘rifat al-Syari‘at wa ma‘rifat al-‘alam al-maddiy). Using this kind of knowledge to serve for Allah’s will and favor through the submission to Him alone. When the knowledge and sciences performed in appropriate manner accordingly in line with the Islamic Law and the Nature of Natural sciences and technology, the purposes of knowledge application are considered as fully achieved. In fact there is no demarcation line between spiritual element and material one in Islam, yet it has single nature from Allah almighty. Thus it must be the nature of Allah Almighty or otherwise.

Other than Muslim and believers, who tried very persistently to separate the nature from Allah almighty, to cut the integral relation of nature and to withdraw the unicity nature of Islamic religion and Nature itself. But as Muslim, they must know that the purpose of science is to recognize the wisdom of the creator, His continuous effort of creation in minute details in time and to acknowledge the power of Allah in governing the universe very systematic.

Science and Establishing of the Existence of Allah (wujuduLlah)

Can we try to establish the existence of Allah Almighty through the sciences?. The question of term ‘establish’ (Arb., al-ithbat )or ‘logical demonstration’ (Arb., al-burhan) to be put into confirmity with the existence of Him is acceptable or not. Knowing the definition of this way of confirming Allah is very basic. The establishing (al-ithbat) or the logical demonstration (al-burhan), is some kind of logical expression and logical mathematics, which has been considered as ‘the syllogistic sciences of figure’ (Arb., uluum syakliyah).

In term of knowing Allah Almighty, if we accept this syllogistic mechanism to prove the existence of Allah, means the degree of our faith or belief was deviated or identical with the accepted scientific concept or rationality which shall lead to the corruption of faith. Further more the knowledge of Allah Almighty is also identical with the accepted syllogistic expression in previous time. In fact, belief in Allah Almighty must be totally different with the scientific knowledge, syllogistic expression and agreeable emperical statement.

Another epistemic argument is about the sources of belief is widely different between establishing scientific proof and the existence of Allah Almighty. Scientific explanation is accepted by the sensate faculty of emperical sense (rational and sensual faculty), while theological truth especially the existence of Allah has been well accepted by the faculty of heart (al-qulub). So, that is why Allah had oppointed His mesenggers and prophets in order to reveal messages from Him to be believed by all humankind. Somehow or rather if we can derive or extract the knowledge from scientific evidences, such as ‘the power’ Arb., al-Qudrat has been imparted concisely or directly from Allah into any kind technological enterprises, thus, belief in the power of Allah is considered as the bridge to the ‘attribute’- Arb., al-sifat of Allah and surely can leads to believe in the existence of Allah Almighty. To conclude, scientific evidences are the steps towards achieving the faith in Allah but it is not solely the way to establishing the existence of Allah Almighty. Science and technology are merely signs of the existing Allah, but the revelation of surat al-ikhlas is considered as knowledge about the existence of Allah Almighty.

The Responsibility of Muslim Scientists

1. The Muslim scholars or scientists, who have the urges of reformation in their societies, might feel a great responsibility in term of strategic planning or applications of sciences and knowledge. Muslim has to reflect the previous great Muslim scholars regarding to their highly ambitious (al-himmat al-‘aliyah), to love exploratory sense (hubb al-istila‘ al-hammasiy) and an ability to contribute knowledge either in revelation or practical sciences.

2. The most important thing is to know that; their great ambitious had been established within their faith (imanihim) in Allah almighty, through the Quranic admonition (al-nasihat al-Qur’aniyah), the reflecting signs of Allah in the external universe and humankind and implementation of the prophetic command to acquire knowledge till to China.

3. Muslim Scientists must not conceive scientific activities simply as what had been indulged medieval Christian Scholasticisms; the separation between natural explorations apart from metaphysics. We have to emphasize that the natural occurrences are the manifestation of the power of great creator Allah almighty (qudratiLlah al-ibda‘iyyah), His power of truth (sultanihi), His great assistance (‘inayatihi al-ilahiyyah), and these Muslim attitudes would sharpen their intellects beyond the knowledge (karrasa al-sa‘yu wara’ al-ma‘rifat bi nasyat al-fikr) which is converting to the total submission to merely the great creator, sovereignty Allah.

4. Muslim has to relate or integrate science with their own belief or Islamic creeds and applies them in a complete manner for the salvation of humankind (li salih al-Insaniyah). The earlier Muslim had established the academic and scientific foundation in original sense into many disciplines; medicine, optical sciences, chemistry, anthropology, physical geography and humanity, sociology and so forth. These disciplines were practiced to incline their attitude, belief and never be an arrogant to the creator Allah Almighty.

5. It is a skeptical to learn sciences in foreign languages, because it might be changed our worldview or the Muslim scientific framework towards separation sciences from the religious principles and Islamic creeds. So, Muslim Scholars have to write scientific textbooks in the language of Muslim world, with strong emphasis on Arabic. The wisdom here is how Muslim verify and evaluate the languages and synthesize them into Islamic framework in scientific activities and having the true sources either from Islamic world (turath) or foreign sciences (al-ajnabiyyah) using the expatriates from the most authoritative translations.

6. Muslim has to define the aims of our educational, social; and economic system in order to project and materialize the ultimate objective to perform the duties to Allah Almighty and the humanities.

Conclusion and Remarks

Briefly, I had exposed what can we share about knowledge and science from Islamic point of view. In fact, the importance of knowing the differences between knowledge and science is encouraging enough because from which Muslim can know the condition of Contemporary Science. Consequently, we also can understand the issue of Islamization of Contemporary Knowledge. Knowledge itself must not be Islamized, rather the contemporary knowledge has to be. I would like to give great thanks for the critiques and constructed comments for the paper to be improved.

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Abu 'Amrullah Muhammad ADIS El-Merbawiy**
Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU)
Perlis Branch Campus 02600 Arau Perlis

A brief Study (August, 2002) on the writting of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mu‘in Siddique, al-Usus al-Islamiyyah li al-‘ilm (trans) The Islamic Fundamentals of Sciences, Riyadh : International Islamic Publishing House, revised ed. 1416H/1995 AD. The presentation shall be held at Bilik Cenderawasih under the programe of BICARA CENDIKIA promotted under the Unit of Continuous Leading Knowledge Advancement, (InKA) Mara University of Technology, Arau Campus*

Tun Dr Mahathir Paving Ground to Anwar

News Strait Times Online » Frontpage

Dr M opening door for Anwar

BN lawmakers reject former prime minister's call to quit the coalition.

TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s obsession with toppling Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is opening the door of opportunity to the opposition led by his arch-rival Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr Mahathir’s naked call for defiance and rebellion against Abdullah has emboldened the opposition, which is now openly wooing the very Barisan Nasional MPs being encouraged by the former premier to quit the coalition.

But the BN lawmakers are rebuffing Dr Mahathir’s call, most of them saying this would only pave the way for the Opposition to gain control.

Ironically, Dr Mahathir seems to be playing into the hands of Anwar, his former deputy whom he sacked, and whom was subsequently jailed, in 1998.

“I do intend to topple the government, we have the numbers,” Anwar said in Singapore yesterday.

“I’m looking forward to early elections, hopefully before September.

“We will move the moment we are sure we can contest and a vote of no-confidence against the PM in Parliament is our best option.” Dr Mahathir yesterday urged BN MPs to quit the coalition, become independents and force the collapse of the government.

“The new government can only be set up if agreed to by all BN MPs who have left the coalition because they have the power to decide whether BN or Pakatan (Rakyat) can be the majority in Parliament.

If BN replaces Datuk Seri Abdullah with someone brave, the group which has left BN can then support the BN and the BN can form the government again,” he argued in a posting on his blog.

But Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said: “Answering Dr Mahathir’s call will only result in the opposition forming the next government. I find it all very strange.

“By becoming independents, MPs would be betraying the people who voted them into Parliament on a BN ticket.

“This is about running the country and respecting the mandate given to BN to govern...”


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mcain's Campaign Towards Islamophobia

Dear Readers, there must be an alarming issue happened in American Presidency Campaign which brought by Mcain especially for 8 million American Muslims and Muslims the entire world in genenral. This issue wasn't healthy for American diplomacy and her foreign policy in the comming rulling party either it should be rendered for the Democrate or the Republican. We knew that American Muslims must put forwards and ask the presidency candidates to avoid this issue, rather it would be invited the sense of agresiveness, violent actions, immballance wither the relationship of American citizens. The ideal of CHANGE which has been promotted by Barrack Obama and Macain either must be put aside... Here by I enclose the article concerning the previous discussion which prepared by Dr. Aslam Abdullah*

- Abu 'Amrullah Muhammad ADIS El-Merbawiy.


Pastor wants America to destroy Islam and McCain considers him his spiritual guide … McCain's spiritual guide and Islamophobia

Dr. Aslam Abdullah

When Rev. John Hagee, the McCain supporter who said God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its homosexual "sins", not many in the media questioned him and McCain did not feel the need to comment on his statement. Well now Rev. Rod Parsley, the televangelist mega-church pastor from Ohio has been embraced by the Republican nominee. Parsley is promoting hate and Islamophobia. According to David Corn of Mother Jones, Parsley has called on Christians in America to wage war against Islam, which he considers to be a "false religion." In the past, Parsley has also railed against the separation of church and state, homosexuals, and abortion rights, comparing Planned Parenthood to Nazis. Parsley believes that America was given to white Christians primarily to destroy Islam.

John McCain actively sought and received Parsley's endorsement in the presidential race. McCain has called Parsley "a spiritual guide,".

Giving Mr. McCain the benefit of the doubt it is not certain whether he shares Parsley's vicious anti-Islamic views but at the same we cannot be sure because the mainstream media refuses to ask.

But we cannot tolerate silence in the face of such blatant disregard of the founding principals of this nation. A Presidential candidate is openly embracing a religious figure who is promoting hate against 8 million Muslims in America and Muslims around the world. Many Muslim groups and organizations have not focused on this issue. If this is unchallenged, McCain's election will give strength to Parsley and Hagee and impact the domestic policies towards Muslims and the civil liberties of all Americans.

What Parsley is saying is very clear. Don't let Islam take roots in America. Don't let Muslims be pat of this country. How many other groups of people is Mr. Parsley proposing to exclude from the American fabric?.

Muslim Americans and Interfaith leadership must write to the McCain campaign demanding an explanation of his endorsement of Parsley and Hagee. We have the following questions for McCain and all others who are seeking the office;

1. Do they believe that Islam is a threat to world civilization?
2. Do they believe that Muslim Americans promote violence?
3. Do they believe that Islam is a satanic cult?
4. Do they believe that Muslims are pagans or infidels?
5. Do they believe that America was established to destroy Islam?
6. Would they use their office to promote the agenda of Parsley and Hagee?
7. Would they attend churches that promote these types of ideas?
8. Would they use their office to discriminate against Muslims and other groups?
9. Do they consider Islam a mainstream American religion?

We must send these questions to every candidate running for Presidency, senate and congress and house assembly and senate etc. We should not take this type of attack lightly because it is due to a lack of measurable response against such bigotry that ignorance about Islam has taken hold in our country. The ignorance of the last eight years has led this country to elect a president who has been speaking the language of religious leaders like Falwell and Robertson.

Those Muslim Americans who are part of the Republican party must raise these issues with their party bosses. Additionally, Muslims must be prepared to take these questions to the Republican and Democratic Party conventions to seek clarification from the candidates and their supporters.

Silence is not an option we can afford for the future of our children and the greater wellbeing of our country.


Dr. Aslam Abdullah* is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic society of Nevada, Las Vegas and acting president of the Muslim Council of America, a Washington-based newly formed groups of Muslim activists.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Kejutan Bila Tun Dr Mahathir Keluar UMNO

Apa lagi nasib malang UMNO

Berita ini sangat mengharukan pejuang parti PEKEMBAR. Namun itulah keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh yang berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir untuk keluar dari parti tersebut. Di kalangan rakyat ada "pro and con" mungkin kerana Tun sudah meninggalkan legasi dan sejarah kepada Malaysia. Tak kurang yang masih menghargai idea-idea yang masih segar dan mencanggah arus konservatif di dalam PEKEMBAR khususnya dan kepimpinan negara ini umumnya. Jelas keberangkatan Tun dari parti tersebut banyak MENIMBULKAN TANDA TANYA dan SERIBU KEMUNGKINAN.

Jika dibandingkan dengan idea Tun dengan perubahan kepimpinan dan arah tuju negara di dalam konteks Sistem Demokrasi, Tun membayangkan PEKEMBAR tidak mampu menyambung apa yang telah disediakan beliau ketika di takhta kepimpinan. Setengah pihak mengatakannya biasa, namun adalah AMAT MENGEJUTKAN jika fakta itu SANGATLAH NYATA.

Mungkin bagi pihak yang bercanggahan dengan Tun merasa lega, kerana tiada lagi ancaman Tun di dalam parti. Tapi rakyat harus ingat, bahawa seorang tokoh itu masih ada "buah kilas" yang bakal menggerunkan lawan jika ia bertindak balas dengan jalan yang lebih terbuka dan luas di arena politik negara Malaysia ini. Sama-sama kita SAKSIKAN FENOMENA TSUNAMI POLITIK MALAYSIA YANG SEMAKIN MENARIK.

Dalam hati kecil ini, timbul semacam kebanggaan kepada sikap Tun kerana ia masih "perihatin dan berani menyatakan sikap", sekali pun beliau memahami masa depan beliau adalah sangat tidak menentu dan tiada lagi sebarang JAMINAN KEKEBALAN dari parti tersebut dari dikenakan tindakan undang-undang ke atas jejak-jejak kesalahan perundangan di dalam kes-kes berprofail tinggi. Mungkin Tun pun sudah tidak mengharapkanya lagi.

INGATAN KEPADA TOKOH-TOKOH POLITIK DAN PENGURUSAN SERTA PENTADBIRAN NEGARA, jadikanlah peristiwa ini sebagai suatu iktibar dan motivasi untuk maju dan menyahut cabaran dari Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed untuk MEMBENTUK suatu era REFORMASI POLITIK, PENGURUSAN DAN PENTADBIRAN yang jitu dan berdaya maju - GOOD GOVERNANCE; ISLAM MENGUNGKAPKAN DENGAN JELAS - " Maka kamu ampunkanlah mereka,dan adakanlah bentuk perlaksanaan SYUURA berkesan dengan mereka di dalam segala urusan..."

Sekadar Pandangan

Abu 'Amrullah Muhammad ADIS El-Merbawiy



Saturday, May 17, 2008

UMNO Masih Tidak Belajar?..Peringatan Untuk Rakyat

Umno jual ratusan ekar tanah, Melayu dibiar merempat

Basiron Abdul Wahab

Sun | May 18, 08 | 11:08:32 am MYT

Tindakan pemimpin Umno Pahang menjual tanah milik parti itu sebagaimana didedahkan bekas Setiausaha Badan Perhubungannya, Dato' Ahmad Tajudin Sulaiman, baru-baru ini membuka 'belang sebenar' parti itu.

Pendedahan itu membuktikan pengkhianatan Umno negeri terhadap rakyat dan sokongan padu bangsa Melayu terhadapnya.

Ia juga mendedahkan kegagalan Umno sebagai pemerintah yang secara mudah memperolehi tanah melalui kuasa politik, kemudian menjualnya kepada pihak lain untuk mendapat keuntungan segera.

Pada masa yang sama, para pemimpin parti itu sering menasihati rakyat supaya jangan menjual tanah untuk mengaut keuntungan segera, tetapi itulah yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin Umno apabila berada di puncak kuasa.

Pendedahan Tajudin itu sesungguhnya telah membuka pekung di dada para pemimpin Umno yang selama ini dirahsiakan daripada pengetahuan rakyat.

Rakyat yang dituba dengan janji pembangunan tidak pernah terfikir adanya pekung bernanah disebalik wajah seorang bapa.

Sikap baik pemimpin Umno/BN selama ini meyakinkan rakyat negeri ini sehingga sanggup memberi lagi mandat besar kepada parti itu dalam pilihan raya umum Mac lalu. Umno/BN Pahang seolah-olah tidak terkena langsung tsunami politik yang melanda negara 8 Mac itu.

Bagaimanapun akibat tidak tahan diperkudakan, akhirnya Tajudin bangun bersuara. Itu pun setelah 'dibelasah' dan 'dicantas' sehingga tidak dipilih untuk mempertahankan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (Dun) Lepar.

Tajudin dipercayai menyimpan banyak rahsia parti selain daripada apa yang telah didedahkanya baru-baru ini. Pendedahan Tajudin menyebabkan pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno, Adnan Yaakub tersentak dan menuduh Tajudin berbohong.

Adnan mempertikaikan angka 12000 ekar yang didedahkan Tajudin dengan keuntungan atas angin sebanyak RM600 juta. Bagaimanapun Adnan tidak menafikan berlakunya aktiviti penjualan tanah oleh Umno, hanya angka yang dipertikaikannya. Ini bererti Tajudin tidak berbohong, aktiviti perniagaan tanah sememangnya berlaku.

Adnan menyebut Tajudin berbohong kerana penjualan tanah yang dimaksudkan hanya membabit tanah seluas 400 ekar di Maran. Tetapi Tajudin membukti penjualan tanah di Maran itu melibatkan kawasan seluas 1040 ekar, dan Adnan dicabar membuat laporan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR).

Tajudin mendakwa ada usaha untuk menipu ahli Umno dengan mengatakan tanah berkenaan dijual kepada Yayasan Pahang, bukan dijual kepada syarikat milik bukan bumiputera.

Namun carian di pejabat tanah membuktikan dua bidang tanah seluas 636 ekar dan 404 ekar di Maran itu bukan dijual kepada Yayasan Pahang tetapi kepada Accent Plams dan Promvest Sdn. Bhd. yang beralamat di Selangor. Kedua-dua syarikat itu dipercayai dimiliki oleh individu yang sama berdasarkan persamaan alamatnya.

mudah jual

Mengapa Umno dengan mudah memperolehi tanah seluas itu, hanya pemimpinnya sahaja yang tahu. Begitu juga mudahnya Umno menjual tanah yang dimilikinya, hanya pemimpin Umno sahaja yang tahu. Tetapi jika rakyat biasa memohon tanah meskipun hanya untuk tapak rumah, mereka terpaksa menunggu puluhan tahun untuk mendapatkan jawaban.

Jawaban mudah kepada persoalan itu ialah kerana kuasa politik. Kuasa politiklah yang menjadikan Umno begitu berkuasa sehingga kebenaran untuk menjual, memajak tanah dan sebagainya berada di tangan menteri besar yang kini disandang Adnan Yaakub.

Kuasanya ditulis dengan jelas pada surat Kaedah Tanah Pahang (jadual 19) bab sekatan kepentingan dimana kebenaran bertulis daripada menteri besar diperlukan untuk memindah milik, memajak dan menggadai mana-mana tanah.

Dalam konteks tanah Umno ini, menteri besar mempunyai kuasa tersebut justeru mudahlah bagi Umno untuk melakukan apa sahaja yang mahu dilakukan terhadap tanah miliknya.

Adnan adalah pengerusi perhubungan Umno, Adnan juga menteri besar yang meluluskan pindah milik tanah (jual). Semua berada di tangannya. Beliau tidak pernah mendapat kelulusan mesyuarat Exco untuk melakukan urusan bersabit tanah milik Umno itu.

Tanah seluas itu dijual dengan keuntungan RM600 juta, menurut pendedahan Tajudin.

Selepas ini percayalah Umno akan meluluskan kawasan baru pula untuknya selepas semua tanah miliknya habis dijual.

Begitulah cara Umno memperjuangkan bangsanya; dulu, kini dan selamanya! Dan tentunya cara demikian disukai oleh sekalian Umno dan untuk itulah mereka bermati-matian mempertahankan kuasa politik supaya terus kekal ditangan Umno.

Percayalah tindakan Umno itu amat bertentangan dengan hujah ketika berhadapan dengan PAS dalam pilihan raya.

Semasa kempen pilihan raya, parti itu mendakwa kononnya adalah benteng Melayu, mempertahan hak Melayu; tetapi rupanya-rupanya parti itu petualang Melayu yang membolot tanah dan kemudaian menjualnya kepada bukan Melayu.

Sikap ini sepatutnya disedari oleh rakyat sebagai panduan mereka dalam memilih pemerintah pada masa hadapan dan percayalah parti pembangkang tidak terlibat langsung dengan aktiviti penjualan tanah ini!- tajdid


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pertemuan DSAI dengan Prof. Shaaribu

Saya cuba merakamkan beberapa perkara penting ketika Prof. Shaaribu bertemu dengan DSAI.Ini merupakan ringkasan peryataan DSAI terhadap penyesalan Prof Shaaribu terhadap isu perbicaraan Altantuya. - Abu 'Amrullah Muhammad ADIS el-Merbawiy

Petang Isnin lalu, ayah kepada Altantuya, Profesor Shaaribu dari Universiti Mongolia berkunjung ke pejabat saya. Beliau memulakan dengan menyampaikan salam hormat dari Menteri Luar Mongolia, kenalan saya sejak menjawat Presiden Unesco dulu.

Saya rumuskan penyesalan yang dilafazkannya bersabit pembunuhan dan letupan kejam keatas anaknya.

1. Mengapakan kes sengaja dilengahkan?

2. Mengapa siasatan polis tidak rapi dan Dato Najib tidak disoalsiasat walaupun beliau pasti Altantuya adalah kenalan Najib dan pegawai kanan beliau didakwa terlibat?

3. Mempertikai kesungguhan jabatan peguam negara terutama manakala mereka mengumumkan awal lagi “tidak ada orang lain terlibat.”

4. Mempersoal pemilihan dan perjalanan mahkamah.

5. Kegagalan menyiasat pengakuan mengenai pembunuhan yang dilakukan komando berkenaan.

Prof. Shaaribu mendakwa mempunyai beberapa fakta dan maklumat lainnya, namun kesal kerana kes tersebut tidak dikendali secara bebas dan adil.

Saya memberi pengakuan akan terus memperjuangkan agar penyiasatan diteruskan dan perjalanan mahkamah bebas dan adil. Kita jua akan menambah ikhtiar untuk meringankan bebenan keluarga Shaaribu.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FP Megazine Interviewed DSAI - April 2008

03 May 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - Comeback kid

By ahmadaasil

From Foreign Policy Magazine, April 2008

Bill Clinton once styled himself the “comeback kid,” but he has nothing on Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim. Two weeks ago, the former deputy prime minister turned political prisoner was officially cleared to reenter politics, and many think he could become his country’s next prime minister. He spoke to FP about his return to power and how former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad thought he could break him.

Foreign Policy: When will you seek political office?

Anwar Ibrahim: I can now. The issue is when do I want to do it. [The opposition alliance] has five state governments with one federal territory, six regions that are the key regions. We have to make sure that they are managed well and transparently. There are a lot of things that need to be done because we are not just improving the performance of the previous government. I want to ensure that the coalition will stick together, and there is the responsibility of taking over the government. That is more pressing than my personally running for a seat in the Parliament, because that would deflect attention. But I am not discounting [my running for office]. We are still looking at it and it can even be soon.

FP: What explains your coalition’s strong performance in the last election?

AI: It is a strength of a more multiracial, interreligious formula. We are forged together on the basis of our belief in democratic reforms. After all, this is not something alien. This is what was promised to us when we achieved independence in 1957. Coupled with this multiracial, interreligious agenda, we talk about a new Malaysian economic agenda. We have lost competitiveness. There is no independent judiciary. People tend to ignore the fact that a true democratic administration would give people more confidence.

The elections here were never free and fair. We don’t have free media. I don’t have 10 minutes of airtime on local television. Even the electoral process was clearly fraudulent. But with all that, we still made an extremely impressive showing. They term it now a political tsunami.

FP: So what is the most difficult part of leading an opposition party like this?

AI: You have to spend a lot of time engaging them. Getting them to agree is not just a matter of political expediency. It is a matter of creating a specific policy and reform agenda while protecting the interests of these party elements. The engagement is a series of conversations. It is tiring.

FP: Do you have concern about people defecting? How are you going to hold them together?

AI: For now we are very firm and committed to the program. In fact, it is the ruling party that is now worried about people defecting.

We have the numbers. We have 30 [members of the ruling party who say they will defect]. The question then is, why don’t we move now? We are not moving now for a number of reasons. Number one, Parliament has not yet convened. Secondly, we want the majority to be comfortable. Number three, those that have committed must be tested that they are committed to the reform agenda. Otherwise the coalition can be volatile.

FP: Mahathir Mohamad was prime minister of Malaysia for 22 years before he retired in 2003. What do you think his legacy will be?

AI: I think [he will be remembered] as a young nationalist who came into the picture to try to make a stand in terms of change and becoming more independent, but grew to be too overconfident, too assertive, and turned into almost a megalomaniac. The country was his. This is often a problem with many of the leaders of emerging countries. You have the sense even now that he believes he cannot leave because of what [he thinks] will be destroyed. What is being destroyed? The media and the judiciary was destroyed under him.

FP: You got into trouble in the late 1990s once you began to criticize Mahathir, your former political mentor. Did you underestimate him as a political opponent?

AI: No, I didn’t. But at that time I had strong views. He resented the idea of my rapport and contact with the West, particularly the United States. And I said, I know I am not on the CIA payroll. I have strong views on Iraq. I have very independent views. What is the harm of my treating America as a friend? He expects everyone else to be so anti-American to the point of being irrational.

FP: Do you think that Mahathir inadvertently made you a tougher opponent?

AI: Mahathir probably underestimated me. He always believed that people crack under torture or detention. He used to tell me in those days, when we were on friendlier terms, that what he dreaded most was to be detained without knowing when he would be released. So that is what he did to me. He underestimated me. He thought that I would break.

Anwar Ibrahim is former deputy prime minister and finance minister of Malaysia. He was sentenced to six years in prison on corruption charges in 1999, sentenced to another nine years for sodomy in 2000, and released in 2004. He now leads the country’s alliance of opposition parties.


Dr. M Khir Toyo Khuatirkan Anwar?

Dr Mohammad Khir Toyo said...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sabah , Kehakiman dan Politik

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera para sahabat bloggers dan para pembaca sekalian.

Sabah Perlukan Perhatian Serius Kerajaan Persekutuan

Baru-baru ini saya mengunjung ke negeri Sabah sekali lagi. Banyak tempat yang saya kunjungi. Di banyak tempat inilah juga isu kemiskinan merupakan satu topik yang amat relevan sekali.

Ini mengingatkan kembali saya kepada rancangan kerajaan untuk membasmi kemiskinan tegar sebelum 2010. Sungguh pun ia rancangan yang amatlah baik namun perancangan dan pelan yang ada tidak jelas sama sekali.

Pada hemat saya rancangan pembasmian kemiskinan ini tidak akan berjaya kerana ia tidak dibuat dengan tindakan yang memfokuskan kepada isu-isu pemangkin meningkatkan produktiviti terutama dalam sektor pertanian.

Masalah kemiskinan di sabah akan bertambah serisu bila berlaku lagi kenaikan barangan makanan asas seperti beras, tepung dan gula. Ini akan menggawatkan lagi masalah kemiskinan di Sabah.

Melalui pengalaman saya di Sabah baru-baru ini saya tidak yakin dengan sasaran telah ditetapkan oleh kerajaan persekutuan akan berjaya.

Bagi saya kerajaan Sabah ditadbir dengan baik oleh YAB Datuk Seri Musa Aman, tetapi kerajaan negeri menghadapi kekangan kewangan untuk menyelesaikan miskin tegar terutama dalam menyediakan infrastruktur besar bagi menjana ekonomi dan pendapatan rakyat.

Melalui pengamatan saya, Sabah merupakan negeri yang mempunyai peratus miskin tegar antara yang tertinggi di negara kita. Terus terang dikatakan saya tidak nampak ada perancangan khusus oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan dalam mengotakan janji mereka bagi membasmi kemiskinan.

Lihat sahaja sawah di Kota Belud tidak punya sistem saliran yang baik. seperti projek Barat Laut di Selangor. Sabah hanya mampu mengeluarkan 30% sahaja keperluan beras negeri tersebut. Dengan kenaikan harga beras yang mencapai 40-50% ini akan menyebabkan rakyat Sabah terpaksa mengikat perut.

Kita juga sering mendengar pertanian merupakan sektor tumpuan Perdana Menteri tetapi tiada projek mega berbentuk infrastruktur pertanian kepada negeri Sabah. Saya sedih melihat rakyat Sabah yang rajin bekerja tetapi tidak dapat meningkatkan jumlah pendapatan mereka kerana infrastruktur dan prasarana sedia ada gagal menjadi pemangkin.

Ia cukup jauh berbeza dengan keadaan pertanian negeri Selangor. Saya merayu kepada YAB untuk mengotakan janji membasmi miskin tegar di Sabah dengan membina sistem pengairan yang sepurna bagi sabah dan meningkatkan kualiti hidup mereka. Rata-rata saya lihat mereka masih bermimpi untuk menikmati janji kerajaan persekutuan. Tapi apakah mimpi tersebut akan menjadi realiti?


Saya melihat kerajaan agak terburu-buru membuat keputusan membentuk suruhanjaya kehakiman baru-baru ini. Selain daripada peranannya yang tidak dijelaskan saya khuatir akan ada banyak persepsi dan harapan yang tidak dapat dipenuhi oleh kerajaan kepada rakyat. Kekhuatiran ini berdasarkan banyak pengumuman-pengumuman yang dibuat oleh kerajaan berkenaan penubuhan suruhanjaya yang disambut gembira oleh rakyat berakhir dengan lebih banyak kemarahan kemudiannya.

Perlantikan hakim-hakim melibatkan institusi Perdana Menteri dan juga institusi Raja-raja. Justeru sepatutnya sebelum keputusan dibuat ia perlulah dibincang dan mendapat perkenan Yang Di Pertuan Agung dan Raja-raja Melayu. Kita tidak mahu wujudnya suruhanjaya ini akan mengurangkan kuasa raja-raja sebagai lambang ketuanan Melayu dan lambang penyatuan rakyat.

Jika ini tidak diteliti dengan jelas akan timbul konflik di antara tiga institusi iaitu Institusi Suruhanjaya Perlantikan Hakim, Institusi Perdana Menteri dan Institusi Agong dan Raja-Raja Melayu.

Saya amat berharap agar kerajaan dapat memikirkan jalan terbaik agar perkara ini tidak berlaku di masa hadapan. Dalam usaha kita untuk melihat institusi kehakiman bebas, kita juga perlu melihat peranan raja-raja dapat dikekalkan. Yang lebih penting pengumuman yang sebesar ini perlu dibuat dengan kajian dengan teliti bersama banyak pihak.

Janganlah kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Janganlah kerana ingin mencari populariti sehari rosak negara bertahun lamanya.


Dua bulan sudah berlalu banyak perkara telah disebut seperti pengutan levi pekerja asing, mengambil alih PKFZ, menjadikan lapangan terbang subang sebagai halal hub, program latihan belia dan menjadikan pengurusan bola sepak diuruskan secara profesional. Inilah diantara kenyataan yang dibuat oleh pakatan rakyat. Kita masih menunggu hasilnya. Saya berharap moga-moga semuanya dapat dirancang dengan teliti dan dilaksanakan dengan baik. Saya harap pakatan rakyat sedar bahawa mereka adalah kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab untuk membawa kemajuan kepada negeri. Jangan juga dilupakan janji-janji manifesto yang membuat rakyat tergoda dalam pilihan raya lalu.

Saya juga tertarik dengan kata-kata DS Anwar Ibrahim yang akan membentuk kerajaan pakatan rakyat pada 16 September ini. Bagi saya tarikh ini ada signifikannya kerana ia merupakan tarikh pembentukan Malaysia.

Saya sedar DS Anwar Ibrahim ingin menggunakan tarikh ini sebagai permulaan era Malaysia Baru. Dan saya agak kesal melihat pemimpin UMNO masih menganggap ianya suatu sandiwara.

Bagi saya DS Anwar Ibrahim tidak akan merelakan kredebilitinya jatuh buat kali kedua. Jika ini berlaku dunia akan menganggap DS Anwar sebagai pemimpin yang kuat berbohong dan tidak akan mendapat kepercayaan rakan politiknya. Atas dasar itulah pemimpin Barisan Nasional perlu menganggap perkara ini lebih serius. Tindakan tertentu perlu diambil.

Dalam politik segalanya berkemungkinan. Bagi mereka yang merancang dengan baik kemungkinan itu akan berpihak kepada mereka.

Posted by Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo at Saturday, May 03, 2008 56 comments


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Suruhanjaya Saingi Kuasa Raja dan PM

Salam Dato' dan sahabat-sahabat,

Kehairanan Dato' adalah kehairanan khalayak juga. Namun bila perisytiharan suruhanjaya itu dibuat, semacam rakyat mesti terima dan tidak dapat menolaknya. Kalau ingin menolak bagaimana Ye?.

Biasanya Suruhanjaya akan dilantik berdasarkan tugasan penyiasatan unsur-unsur yang tidak betul di dalam prosedur kehakiman dan penghakiman, bukan melibatkan perlantikan, kerana peruntukan sedia ada di dalam prosedur perlantikan mencukupi, laksakanlah dan patuhilah. (Persoalan timbul apabila berlaku perlantikan tidak mengikut prosedur-prosedur yang telah ditetapkan)

Pertikaian rakyat terhadap pihak kehakikaman ialah;

1) Apabila ada menteri kehakiman, maka ia bertanggung jawab kepada menteri. Lalu Badan Kehakiman bukan lagi badan bebas.

2) Apabila semacam ada kawalan keputusan atau "postscript" kepada setiap kes perbicaraan agar dibentuk plot bicaranya telah diputuskan. Perkara ini nampak ketara berlaku dengan bukti-bukti pertukaran hakim bertugas untuk kes-kes tersebut secara JELAS TIDAK BERSELINDUNG dari pengetahuan rakyat.

3) Apabila masih banyak lagi kes-kes berprofail tinggi sedang berjalan dan akan menyusuli diselenggarakan di mahkamah-mahkamah di Malaysia, maka SuruhanJaya Kehakiman(yang tidak ada jaminan telusnya itu)WAJIB diwujudkan agar dapat melincinkan keputusan-keputusan pemilihan hakim dan keputusan penghakiman yang selalu mendapat kritikan rakyat dan kalangan ahli-ahli undang-undang.

Permintaan Ikhlas.

1. Tidak Perlu suruhan jaya tersebut. Namun laksanakan sahaja dengan efisyen "DASAR PENGASINGAN KUASA" dan "TIADA CAMPUTANGAN" antara Badan Eksekutif dan Badan Judiciary secara tegas. Para pakar perundangan Malaysia sangat mengalu-alukan perkara ini. Ianya rahmat kepada mereka kerana tidak akan tersepit dengan beberapa pihak yang bercanggahan kepentingan KETIKA MEMBUAT KEPUTUSAN di mahkamah.

2. HENTIKANLAH JENAYAH BERPROFAIL TINGGI, maka dengan sendirinya kerajaan tidak akan bersusah payah "bersilat pulut" dengan media dan rakyat jelata untuk menyakini apakah yang telah diputuskan oleh mahkamah di Malaysia itu BENAR atau DIPERTIKAIKAN.

3. Berilah KUASA KEPADA BADAN KEHAKIMAN SEPENUHNYA agar Malaysia dapat merasai KEMULIAAN DAN KETINGGIAN BADAN TERSEBUT. Tidak lagi bernaung dan terikat dengan mana-mana pihak yang boleh mencacatkan kebenaran dan keadilan sejagat yang menjadi tugas mereka untuk merealisaikannya.

Semoga semua pihak tidak lagi mencari dalih-dalih yang meruntuhkan marwah diri dan merendahkan martabat Badan Kehakiman di Negara ini.

Terima kasih Dato' dan sahabat-sahabat sekelian.



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